Remote monitoring and management

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Remote computer technical support session

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Remote Computer Support Services

We provide a full range of online technical support services nationwide for both home and business users. Including on-demand, per incident computer services and also subscription based support offerings. Our services provide you with the convenience of quick resolution to any problems that you may be experiencing. And also extremely knowledgeable assistance with software and peripheral installation and configuration when you need it. And it’s all provided without the need for you to have to leave your home or business.

What We Can Provide You

We can provide your home or business with a wealth of online computer support services that include:

Computer Optimization Services

Get a lot more work done with an optimization from Smith Technical Resources. Call toll free 1 877-270-0001

We’ll Make Your Computer Run Like It Was Brand New

We'll help speed up your system by removing unnecessary files, repairing registry errors and performing an optimization of your hard drive.

Quicker Start-ups and Shutdowns

We'll make any needed adjustments to your system that will reduce the time it take for your computer to boot-up. And you'll also find that your computer will perform much better afterwards.

Performance Optimization

Our technicians will completely optimize your computer to achieve the very best performance possible, including removing any unnecessary applications and processes that may be slowing your system down.

Software and Driver Updates

Outdated hardware drivers and software can reduce over all performance, represent a security issue, and also cause conflicts. Our technicians will carefully examine your system for areas that need updating. And then afterwards, they will install any updates and hot fixes your system requires.

Network Optimization

Achieve the best performance possible with a network optimization by Smith Technical Resources. We’ll make any needed adjustments to your router and connected devices to make sure that they perform at top speed.

Virus and Adware Removal

We’ll quickly and efficiently removal all malicious software from your computer including computer viruses, unwanted adware, browser toolbars, rootkits and any other software that may cause a security concern.

Why Choose Us?

We are a Nashville, Tennessee based technology support company that only employs the best and most experienced computer and network support engineers. All of our staff have current and valid industry standard certifications that include A Plus and also Network Plus certifications. We provide dependable and also cost-effective support services for residential and also business clients. And we offer a large range of services to help resolve or assist you with any issues that you may be having with your equipment.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply call our support center at 1 877-270-0001