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Online Cloud Storage Services

Why Do I Need To Use An Online Backup Service To Protect My Files?

Unfortunately, it's not a question of if you will lose computer data, but when. And the next question is, will you be prepared when it occurs? There are a number of events that could lead up to corrupt, inaccessible or flat out missing data. And they may include, virus damage, hard drive failure, laptop loss or theft, a beverage spill on your computer, voltage surges, or any number of other unexpected situations.

What Happens If I'm Not Prepared? Can't Data Be Recovered From A Broken Hard Drive?

Possibly, but at a large expense. An attempt at recovering data from a failing or damaged hard drive could easily cost over a thousand dollars. And that could be without a guarantee that your data will be successfully recovered. It's the same as with many things in life. Either you spend a little now, or you may have to spend a lot more later. All because you simply weren't prepared for a catastrophic loss of data that occurs to computer users a lot more than you may think.

I Have An External Hard Drive In Place. I Should Be Safe, Right?

Having a local backup in place is a good start for most situations. But they're not something that you can configure and then forget about. What happens if you change, move or add files and folders on your computer that were configured to be protected in the original installation of the external backup? Or what if the backup jobs were completed, but never verified and the data that they contain is corrupt or doesn't match the original files? And the worst case scenario could involve a natural disaster or theft that involves your computer and also the external hard drive. A severely damaged or stolen hard drive wouldn't be of much use to anyone.

Can You Protect Personal and Also Sensitive Business Data?

Yes, we can protect both home user personal data and also sensitive business data files, including company data

bases and email.

Are Your Backup Services HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! Which makes us an excellent choice for medical practices.

Okay, So How Can Smith Technical Resources Protect My Data?

To start, you'll need to sign up for a 30 day trial of our online backup services. Afterwards you'll be emailed a password and a download link for our software. The email will also contain the instructions that you'll need to quickly configure our online backup client software to protect all of your important data. We also provide free remote assistance with the installation and configuration of the client software, if you need it.

To get started, simply click the link below!

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